Engagement of Act Apprentices

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Frequently Asked Questions?
What is this website known for?
This website is hosted to apply for a specific Engagement on Contract Basis notification mentioned on Home Page only. This website doesn't mention the details of employment notification or any information pertaining to Railway Recruitment Cell or any of its subsidiary.
Where can I know details of Employment or Engagement Notification or its details posted by Railway Recruitment Cell?
Please check Southern Railway RRC Website
Why I must fill the application form much before the Closing date?

It is advisable to fill the application form much before the Closing date to avoid last moment traffic to the website or any other unforeseen issues that might arise at that time. Since the application fees needs to be paid through online mode, it is advised that the applicants complete their application form with payment to avoid any bank holidays during which NEFT transactions might not work.

What do I need to make sure while paying amount Online?

Please make sure that you have sufficient balance in the bank account that you will be using to make the payment. Also, make sure that you have the Mobile Phone that is linked with the bank account available with you at the time of filling the application so that you can enter the OTP while making the transaction. Also, make sure that the Debit Card or Credit Card that you are using is valid like Expiry Date etc. and the card is not in a blocked mode.

What is the policy for the refunds?

The candidates will receive the refund to the bank account as mentioned by the candidate while filling the application form. The amount of refund and the refund policy will be as mentioned in the Notification Document.

Can I edit details after filling the application Form?
No. The candidate is shown preview page before submitting the main form. After verifying all the details only, the candidate has to declare that all the particulars given in the Application are true and correct. If the candidate is not verifying the data before submitting the application form or if the candidate has entered wrong data during whatever case, the application form is said to be invalid.